NEWS: We shall serve our readers with fresh, accurate and timely news with a view to keeping them abreast of events of the day.

BUSINESS: Our daily business news will be targeted at operators of financial institutions, corporate bodies and board room players. We shall try as much as possible to interpret the news to enable the target audience make intelligent decisions on how to run their businesses efficiently and profitably.

POLITICS: We shall aim at reporting the activities of the existing political parties; the Presidency, National Assembly, State Governments across the country and the state legislative houses. We shall at all times endeavor to promote democracy, rule of law, liberty and freedom.

ENVIRONMENT: We shall focus on the menace of gully erosion, flood, desertification, and its impact on public safety and agricultural produce.

SPORTS: As Nigeria is a sports loving country, we shall report both national and international sports, particularly football with a view to making our platform a reference point for sports.

HEALTH: Since a healthy nation is a prosperous nation, we will report the state of our health institutions and what the federal and state governments are doing to make the health sector attain international standard.

EDUCATION: We will report activities at the various levels of education, primary, secondary and university. Beyond that, the various parastatals in the ministry of education both at the federal and state levels will also attract our attention.

SECURITY/CRIME: The security of lives and property is a primary function of governments at all levels. This is so because there can be no meaningful development in an atmosphere of insecurity and crime. We shall report security issues, and what government is doing to make the environment safe for citizens to play their individual roles in the economy and nation-building.

INTERVIEWS: We shall conduct interviews on various aspects to inform and enlighten our readers.

FEATURES: Our features desk will do features stories on issues of the day as they relate to politics, economy, business, health, education etc.

LAW & JUSTICE: We shall give our readers accurate and unbiased reports of court proceedings, judicial pronouncements etc.