OGBODO vs ASOGWA: Enugu State Panel on Police Brutality/Extra-Judicial Killings sues for peace- By Ijeoma Eke-Ojim


ENSUBEB boss, Chief Ikeje Asogwa

A powerful human drama was unfolded on Thursday before the Enugu State Police Brutality and Extra-Judicial Killings Panel as the Chairman, Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) Chief Ikeje Asogwa, tried to convince it that he had reconciled his differences with Onagu Ogbodo, the board’s retired permanent secretary.

In an 11-page petition submitted to the panel through his lawyer Ifeanyi Okoli, Ogbodo alleged that on November 28, 2017, about four police men attached to Asogwa, stripped and beat him to stupor inside ENSUBEB premises, Independence Layout, Enugu, on the orders of the ENSUBEB boss.

The petitioner demanded for a compensation of five hundred million naira, and Asogwa’s dismissal from from office for allegedly subjecting him to inhuman treatment.

Ogbodo’s petition was scheduled for hearing on Tuesday, March 16, but when the matter was called up, Counsel to the ENSUBEB boss, Emeka Asogwa, informed the panel that both parties had commenced discussions on the amicable resolution of the case through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism.

Chairman of the Panel, Justice Kingsley Udeh (retd), then welcomed the development, and so gave the two parties one week to resolve their quarrel, and report back to the panel on March 25. 

But a drama ensued at yesterday’s sitting (March 25) when Counsel to Ogbodo said that throughout the one week given by the Panel to tie up the reconciliation option, the ENSUBEB boss failed to communicate with either him or his client (Ogbodo).

He, thereafter, sought the Panel’s permission to move for the adoption of their written addresses.

“We are ready to go ahead with this case,” he said.

The Panel was most probably taken aback when Counsel to ENSUBEB boss, said his client was also ready to proceed with the case.

He told the Panel that the ENSUBEB boss informed him that he had mended fences with Ogbodo, adding that Ogbodo is probably waiting for Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to invite him for talks before withdrawing his petition before the Panel.  

However, Ogbodo informed the Panel that some ‘good-spirited’ individuals had earlier arranged for a reconciliatory meeting between him and the ENSUBEB boss somewhere at Independence Layout, Enugu.

According to him, the ENSUBEB chairman failed to make himself available, leading to the rescheduling ot the meeting.

He further said that at the second meeting attended by the ENSUBEB boss, he (Ikeje Asogwa) “agreed to do the ADR,” but never did anything thereafter to advance the discussion.

“There were no terms of agreement and no settlement whatsoever,” he said.

The former permanent secretary explained that his petition was directed against the ENSUBEB boss, and not Gov. Ugwuanyi, and as such, he is not expecting the governor to invite him for reconciliation.  

After intensely listening to the contributions of the counsels from both sides of the divide, retired Justice Udeh, harped on the need for a peaceful settlement of the dispute between the two parties.

Onagu Ogbodo,allegedly brutalised by Police on orders of Asogwa – Seeks for Justice

He said:  “The thinking of the Panel is that we should give you one more date to settle this matter, since the Panel had earlier been informed of moves for a peaceful settlement of the issues involved in this matter.

“We are interested in seeing that there is peace between  Ogbodo and Asogwa.  These are two young men that still have a long way to go in life, unlike some of us that had already clocked 70.”

Justice Udeh mandated lawyers in both Ogbodo and Asogwa’s camps to ensure the peaceful settlement of the matter before the next adjourned date.

“I want you people (lawyers) to go the extra-mile to settle this matter,” he said.

The case was put off for April 13, 2021.


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