Anambra Guber Election: Group vows to create political transparency – From Chizoba Ejimofor


As the political intrigues in Anambra state gathers momentum for the November 6, 2021 governorship election, political parties as well as groups are manoeuvering, aligning and realigning

 And so, a political pressure group Anambra For Better Greatness (AFOBEG), has established itself towards showcasing the Anambra state governorship election to mark a distinction from the hitherto uncultured, unethical and money centered elections in the state and Nigeria at large.

AFOBEG according to the group was fashioned out to check the gross imbalances in governance experienced, and still experiencing in Anambra after the hope and expectations raised by Party Candidates during electioneering campaign in virtually all the election in the state. 

Addressing Journalists during their stakeholders meeting at Nnewi, the Chairman of the organization, Hon. Nelson Udeogu said Anambra For Better Greatness emerged to correct some erroneous impressions about the electorates in Anambra state.

He explained that the organization is out to sensitize Ndi-Anambra on the need for them not to be apolitical in the first instance, and make a good choice of their leaders irrespective of their political affiliations in the November 6 governorship election in the state.

”So the mission of Anambra For Better Greatness (AFOBEG) is to sensitise Ndi-Anambra on the reasons for bad governance in the state and how it could be ameliorated.

“Anambra for better greatness is a messenger of reality and an agent of reorientation. It is the product of the political interplay between the elected and the electorates.

“Both played roles in the bad governance that has plagued our state right from the incunabula. So the mission of AFOBEG is to sensitise Ndi-Anambra on the reasons for bad governance in the state and how it can be tackled,”  Udeogu stressed.

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Hon. Udeogu opined further that their organization has been in existence since 2019, passing through teething administrative issues, and they are now out to reshape the political reasoning of Ndi-Anambra, hoping to spread the message throughout Nigeria.

“AFOBEG emerged in 2019 strategising on a way to  differentiate our noble ideas from other political pressure group. Apart from this, the dreams of AFOBEG is to effect genuine and people centered governance across the Nation.

“Bad governance is deep routed in Nigeria, and it has severed the country negatively. we believe that other states will join our crusade once we get it right in Anambra state. In fact, why we have not reached our apogee is because no group or individuals is assisting us financially and we designed it in that direction”. he contended.

Also speaking with newsmen at the event, the Chief Whip of the association, Mr. Osita Ilozo,r averred that AFOBEG is a None Governmental Organization poised to correct the wrong foundation in making leadership in Anambra state, pointing out that some traditional rulers and eminent person they have visited gave a knod to the mission statements of AFOBEG.

“We are an NGO, driving hard to select suitable person leadership in Anambra state. Yes it’s been asked if we can stand by our mission statements as we visited many Traditional Rulers, Town Union President Generals and in Town Haul meetings we organized.

“ But we pretty sure we shall stick to it. And some of them has joined us members now, because they have noticed the sincerity in the movement,” Ilozor opined.

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Leveraging on the emergence of political groups that usually springs up in every election year in Anambra state, the Chief Whip of the organization debunked the idea that AFOBEG is one of such lesser minded groups. 

“Yes the average Adi-Anambra believe that AFOBEG is there to extort money from political parties or Aspirants/Candidates but far from that; we are visiting places, we also let them know that we don’t go to any political party, Aspirant/Candidates etc, to purchase us. It’s only the Candidate or political party that keyed into our mission statements that will win our sympathy, not even with money” 

”And AFOBEG will continue to exist, because in our previous meetings we have make provision for AFOBEG nationwide which after the Nov 6 election in Anambra we will take it to that level and that is also why we are looking for a person who understands the average Ndi-Anambra, and also understand what AFOBEG stood for; which is  presenting to Ndi-Anambra a man that is living in Anambra state does his business in Anambra, and his  family levels in Anambra too, with these he will carry every one along,” he fumed.

Mrs. Amaka Ezeokafor, the state Welfare Officer of the organization while addressing the Press, established the fact that bad leadership has distorted progress and development in Anambra state.

 According to her AFOBEG has arrived to change the orientation of the people especially the female forks. She called upon women to make themselves visible and relevance before, during and after the election and take their rightful position in the affair of government in Anambra state.

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”AFOBEG is a child born to resoucitate the dwindling leadership stuff in Anambra state and the country at large. Women should be in fore front of building the society, because they are home and nation builders we are talking about. Without the woman I don’t think that any society can exist.

“So, I call on women to be part of AFOBEG in Anambra state, for their roles in the society will be seen to be complimented as bridge builders, wives and mothers. To occupy and maintain their rightful positions come November 6 election and beyond,” the state welfare officer exclaimed.


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