We have nothing to do with criminals, says Chairman Iron Rod Dealers Association: From Chukwudi Ejimofor/PH


Iron rod market, Port Harcourt

The Chairman, Iron Rod Dealers Association, Kala Market, Rumuokwuta, Port Harcourt,  Rivers State, Sir Ndubisi Odumegwu,  has denied allegations that his members buy and resale stolen iron rods in the market.

Speaking with newsman in Port Harcourt, Sir Odumegwu maintained that such criminal acts does not exist in the iron rod market.

”We don’t entertain reselling or buying of stolen goods in our market. The Iron Rod Dealers Union is strictly against it. In the same vain we don’t harbour criminals and criminality in any form in our market.

“ When we came into power our major concern was to build  a good image about the Union. For criminals we don’t have any one here because all our members filled their personal data with the union to identify them,” explained Sir Odumegwu.

He also spoke on the continual fluctuation of costs of their wares, attributing the situation to market forces and the replacement value of the goods.

“The fluctuations in the exchange rate of Naira to the dollar affect the price of building materials, iron rods precisely. We the dealers are not affected positively.

“The manufacturer complain that the raw materials are very expensive, because the major raw materials are being imported from outside the country.

“The incessant increase is in that form because we are not the manufacturers, we are distributors and Sellers. Therefore, if there any issue from the company we get our supplies, it will affect the market forces, as the replacement value of the product,” he posited.

On the traffic congestion caused by the operations of their market in the area, the chairman said:   ”We formed traffic decongestion committee which has helped to reduce the hitherto traffic situation in our market here.

“ If you go around through Kala and Ikwerre roads you cannot experience any traffic situation any longer. Our traffic Marshals arrange the parking spaces of the vehicles that offload and load our goods.

Sir Ndubisi Odumegwu

“ When there is traffic congestion they will put on the uniform and decongest the road, penalise the offender and go back to their various business premises.”
Sir Odumegwu commended members of his executive, saying they have recorded impressive achievements so far.

”We’ve done a lot of things.  The association has its own land, and the land has been fenced. We have made the market very conducive for buying and selling; a place where peace exist among our members and customers alike.
“Not that we don’t have little quarrel, but we settle them amongst us. The issue of sellers and customer relationship has improved tremendously.   We have more customers now than ever. And we hope that people coming behind us will continue from where  we stopped,” he said.


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