Seize Gov. Wike’s properties, place him on visa ban, Alaigbo Dev’t Foundation urges UN, US


Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), and the Coalition of Igbo Religious and Civil Society Organizations, have called on the United Nations,  US and European Union to seize the properties of the Rivers State Governor,  Nyesom Wike,  as well as place him on Visa ban and restrict him from traveling to Western Europe and US.

A statement signed by Chief Abia Onyike, chairman, ADF Bureau of Media and Publicity, said these requests follow Gov. Wike’s alleged involvement in the massacre by Nigerian soldiers of  over 40 innocent persons in Obigbo Rivers State,   and wounding of over one hundred others  during the ENDSARS protest in October of this year.

ADF accused Gov. Wike of inviting soldiers to Obigbo on the pretext that members of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) attacked security posts, and killed some security personnel during the ENDSARS protest in the area.   

The group said that about 40 persons and over one hundred people were killed by soldiers at Obigbo.

However, it called on the Rivers State Government to institute a judicial commission of inquiry to determine the background and the extent of the killings at Obigbo.

It condemned Igbo leaders who paid solidarity visit Gov. Wike in Port Harcourt without “visiting the scene of the genocide or even expressing sympathy for the innocent Igbo sons and daughters massacred in the course of this carnage.”


The statement reads in part:  “After an extensive review and reflection on the recent war-grade invasion of Obigbo by the Nigerian military on the invitation of the Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike, the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) hereby states as follows: 

“ADF regrets that such war-grade genocide was unleashed on Obigbo, based on allegations that IPOB attacked security posts and killed some security personnel.  

“The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) does not and will not condone any unprovoked attack on security officers of the State unless such an attack is in self-defense.

“On this particular case, we expect that the State has adequate intelligence machinery to meticulously identify the culprits who actually attacked the State Security personnel.

“Indeed, the same security intelligence which indicted IPOB members as the culprits should also be capable of fishing out the real culprits. 

“It appears this was not the case, instead the government embarked on a transfer of criminal liability and ordered the military to pounce upon and kill several peace-loving and innocent citizens of Obigbo.

Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike

 “ADF notes with horror the alleged gruesome murder of over 40 persons in Obigbo, and about 100 wounded others, through the horrific bloodshed and massive extrajudicial killings in Nigerias Oyigbo Community as reported by Premium Times Nigerian News. 

“And what about the Report by Sahara Reporters that Nigerian Army secretly airlifts alleged IPOB members arrested in Rivers State to detained them at notorious Kainji Barracks In Niger State.

“The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) hereby with tears in our eyes call on the United Nations and other world powers, to prevail on the Rivers State Government and the Nigerian Government to release without any further delay innocent victims who are still alive.

 “Rivers State Government should institute an urgent Judicial Commission of inquiry to uncover both the background and the extent of the killings as well as

 Identify, number and state of all those secretly airlifted to  Minna, Niger State who are currently in detention.  We demand the unconditional release of all those in   government custody.

“Adequate compensation for all the victims of this gruesome massacre as well as pay adequate compensation and undertake the rehabilitation of affected families and the surviving victims.

“We expect that government shall take care of the security forces that may have died or wounded in the course of the unfortunate episode.   

“We expect Governor Wike to tender an unreserved apology for his role in the bloody carnage.

“At the same time we condemn all those who incite the youths to unnecessary reckless acts of heroism. Enough is enough!

“What the Igbo predicament demands now are very strategic and measured actions to protect our people from those who wish to destroy their lives, economy and civilization and take over their ancestral homes.”


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