Group writes Gov. Ugwuanyi, alleges demolition, forceful takeover of land


Enugu state Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi


Rights group, Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network (CRRAN), has urged Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, of Enugu state,
to refrain from arbitrary use of power to disposes a citizen of his land.

The group in a letter to Gov. Ugwuanyi, signed by its President Barrister Olu Omotayo, and made available to SummitNews,  advised the governor to give “proper” notice to a land owner as well as pay adequate compensation if it wants to make public use of such property.

The rights group in the letter entitled “Appeal for Justice: Re: Demolition and forceful take over and annexure of citizen Emmanuel Ozoko’s property to the New Kenyatta Market, Ugwuaji premises by agents of the state government,”  warned against illegal deployment of earth-moving equipment to destroy, and forcefully take over  a citizen’s property.

The letter read:  “We write to you in respect of the above mentioned matter on behalf of Mr. Emmanuel Ozoko, of late Ven. C.N. Ozoko’s Compound Umuchaigwo, Edem-Ani, Nsukka, Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu.

“Mr. Ozoko said he used his hard earned savings to buy 3, plots of land at Ngene Idide, in Ugwuaji, Enugu South Local Government Area, Enugu, from the representatives of Isiagu village, Ugwuaji, Enugu in 2009. The copy of the Registered Power of Attorney in respect of the property is attached to this letter.

“He further stated that surprisingly some agents of the state government moved with caterpillars and demolished the fenced property alongside other peoples properties in the area and immediately annexed it to be part of the New Kenyatta 
market under construction and fenced it, while the remaining part were carved out to some unknown persons.

“Mr. Ozoko said he has been in unchallenged possession of the property since 2009, and recollected that it was this same property some criminals killed 3, Hausa Keke Napep operators in January 2016, and buried them in the foundation of the fence.

“ Ozoko said he was arrested for murder as the owner of the land before God vindicated him and the real killers were arrested.

“Ozoko further said nobody came out as the owner of the land at those trying period not even the state government came out to claim ownership.”

The Rights group urged Gov. Ugwuanyi to” have a second thought in respect of this case,” and also to ensure that “justice is done in respect of this case as the circumstance of the case demands.”


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