Ebonyi top officials accused of illegal sale of govt buildings and lands in Lagos – By Ijeoma Eke-Ojim


 Gov. David Umahi

Former Ebonyi state Commissioner for Information, Chief Abia Onyike, on Thursday called on Ebonyi state Governor David Nweze Umahi, to investigate the alleged sale of Ebonyi state government buildings and landed property located in Lagos to unknown persons with the active connivance of some top officials of the state government. 

In a statement made available to SummitNews, Chief Onyike urged Gov. Umahi not to sweep the issue under the carpet, adding that Ebonyians at home and abroad are entitled to know the status of the state government-owned properties located in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Aba and other parts of the country.

According to Chief Onyike, he had confirmed the authenticity of the alleged sale of the state government-owned buildings and landed properties in Lagos, saying that Ebonyians would not tolerate any secret maneuvers by covetous state government officials to convert public properties to their personal ownership and usage.  

He called on Gov. Umahi to set up a panel of inquiry to probe the status of Ebonyi state properties scattered all over the country for proper documentation and accountability.

The statement reads:   “Following the recent outcry and disclosures made by some Concerned Citizens of Ebonyi State, alleging that Ebonyi state government buildings and landed properties located in Lagos have been secretly sold off to or taken over by unknown persons, with the active connivance or conspiracy of  top government  officials of Ebonyi state,  and having confirmed the authenticity of the allegations from some Ebonyi indigenes resident in Lagos, I wish to react and state as follows:-

“That as a concerned citizen of Ebonyi state and as one of those who fought for the creation of the state, it is incumbent on me and other agitated patriots, to always rise to the occasion as circumstances may  demand, to defend the collective/common interests of  all Ebonyians, especially on  issues and matters relating to our common patrimony.

 “That I commend the alertness of the Association of Ebonyi Indigenes in Diaspora, and their sincere/patriotic alarm raised over the dubious attempt or act of selling off or taking over of the said landed properties and buildings, located in Lagos and   belonging to the people and government of Ebonyi, without due process. 

Chief Abia Onyike

 “I personally condemn any effort by any person or group of persons, acting individually or collectively or in conjunction with Ebonyi state government to sell off or buy off the said properties which belong to Ebonyi state government, with the use of proxies or agents. Such acts are criminal and unacceptable to the citizens of Ebonyi state who are the real owners of the properties in question.

 “I hereby call on the Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi, to respond to these serious allegations about the possible involvement of officials of Ebonyi state government in the sale of the landed properties and houses or any other properties belonging to Ebonyi state government in any other part of Nigeria.

“Gov. Umahi should not sweep this matter under the carpet. He must address the issue squarely.  Ebonyians at home and in the Diaspora would like to know what is happening or has happened to Ebonyi state government properties in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Aba and other places.

“ Ebonyians would not tolerate any underhand maneuvers by selfish leaders and covetous government officials who may have the urge to convert the properties of the state government to their personal ownership and usage.

“In fact, the state government should set up a panel of inquiry to probe into the status of Ebonyi state properties scattered all over Nigeria, with a view to carrying out inventory of such properties for proper documentation and accountability.

“Ebonyians will not forgive any group of pretentious leaders  who want to use false pretence to appropriate Ebonyi  government properties to themselves as such an act  would be the height of  betrayal of public trust. 

“It would amount to a great measure of treachery against Ebonyi people, who have been subjected to unbearable levels of deprivation and denials, in the name of developing the state, under the incumbent administration of Gov. David Umahi.”


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