Group expresses confidence in Prince Benjamin Apugo, describes ‘Ibeku community leaders’ as charlatans – By Gloria Uchenna


Prince Benjamin Apugo

The Ibeku Concerned Citizens, a socio-cultural and political pressure group in Ibeku clan, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia state, has expressed profound confidence in Prince Benjamin Benedict Apugo, member, National Board of Trustees (BoT) and National Caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC), describing him as a true son of the land, honest, and a famed philanthropist.

This is even as the group berated the leaders of Ibeku Ukwu Ogurube Ancient clan in Umuahia North LGA, for heaping insults on Prince Apugo, popularly known as ‘Ochiagha Ibeku,’ (war commander of Ibekuland). 

Summit News recalls that the leaders of Ibeku Ukwu Ogurube Ancient clan had issued a communique after an enlarged meeting last Friday in Umuahia, the Abia state capital, condemning Prince Apugo for accusing former Governor Theodore Orji, and current Senator representing Abia Central in the upper legislative Chambers of the National Assembly for non-performance, and for corruptly enriching himself and his cohorts during his eight-year rule as governor of the state.

 Both Prince Apugo and Senator Orji hail from the same Ibeku clan, though unconfirmed report alleges that Senator’s Orji’s ancestral home is Ohuhu, a neighbouring clan in the same LGA.

 The communiqué jointly signed by Hon. G. O. Onyemaobi, Chief Emma Nwabuko, Dr. Udoh Ogbonna, Chief Charles Ogbonna, Sir Frank Ibe, Hon. Nwoko Chidiebere and Chief Uche Akwukwaegbu (traditional Prime Minister of Ibekuland), dismissed the allegation of corruption and non-performance leveled against Senator Orji by Prince Apugo, adding that the former governor carried out massive infrastructural development of the state during his tenure as governor. 

 However, the Ibeku leaders in their communiqué, described Prince Apugo as an “atrocious element, and a private person incapable of holding a public office, and one whose life has been morally decadent, very fraudulent, oppressive of the poor, depraved deceitful, evil and against anything good.”

But the Ibeku Concerned Citizens in a press statement signed by Ikechukwu Amakwe, and Kingsley Ogbonna, as chairman, and secretary respectively, and made made available to journalists in Umuahia, described the Ibeku leaders as charlatans, whose family roots are not traceable to Ibekuland, and whose means of livelihood are questionable.

The group described Prince Apugo as a renowned philanthropist, and one who has committed his personal wealth to infrastructural and human capital development in the ancient Ibeku clan and beyond. 

 The statement reads:   “The attention of Ibeku Concerned Citizens, have been drawn to the unhealthy attack on Prince B. B. Apugo; member, National Board of Trustees (BoT) and National Caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by a group who are parading themselves as sons of Ibekuland.

“We would not have responded to this malicious attack on a progressive, illustrious and distinguished son of Ibekuland, but we are doing so because our silence would have amounted to acceptance of the mischievous statement credited to the so called sons of Ibekuland.

“The unwarranted attack was endorsed by charlatans who cannot find their feet and be numbered among Ibeku sons because they are all roundly, misfits in their different categories.

“We know Charles Ogbonnaya very well, just like every other Ibeku person. He is a man that has no background, and cannot even explain who his father is.  The former deputy chief of staff in the office of the deputy governor is known for dubiety and is also a known trickster.

“He is a person with questionable character all these years, and he cannot change for good. Recall that he is among those that made it through manipulating and hypnotizing people; and swaying them into enslavement of their soul and conscience.

“Barrister Chidiebere Nwoke, as a three-time member of the State House of Assembly, has no legacy that he left behind. Even as a former Commissioner in the state, he puffed up himself and got separated from reality of life as well as from the people.

“It is a known fact that his community, Emede Ibeku, do not recognise him, even as he cannot boldly point at a single Ibeku son or daughter that has come to him for any form of practical empowerment.

“He is without any taproot and, therefore, cannot be measured up as an Ibeku son so as to speak for them.

“Emma Nwabuko still remains irrelevant when issues concerning Ibekuland are discussed, as he has contributed virtually nothing to upgrade the land or its people.

Senator Theodore Orji

“The records are there for all to see that he came into limelight only during the administration of Chief Theodore Orji, without which he would have been living in his fleeting illusions that won’t have been realizable.

“It was while serving as a Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, that he rightly or wrongly made his wealth and that was when he left his old bungalow with a rickety roof, and built a duplex as his major achievement, not excluding a large farm and buildings at Abuja. He actually enriched himself in that outing.

“Be that as it may, till this very moment, he remains a meaningless entity in his community as he is selfish and self-centred, and not willing to reach out to assist anyone, no matter how closely related.

“It is amusing that Frank Ibe, also signed the document even when he is not the best of fathers ever produced in Ibekuland.

“Records have it on how he and his team milked, as well as brought down the School of Health Technology, Aba, because of his unguarded quest for acquisition of material things rather than selfless service to the people of the state.

“How can he count as a real father, when he could not see his only daughter through her formal education which resulted into her dropping out of school at a very tender age.

“Uche Akwukwuegbu is a laughable clown as he is not even a true son of Ibekuland.

Prince Apugo distributes palliatives to his people to cushin the crushing effects of COVID-19

 “He is yet to trace his origin till date, even as he is dubious and is characterized with criminality.

 “It is on record that he led an armed robbery attack on Ibru Fish in Port Harcourt some years ago. Luck ran out against him as he was arrested, prosecuted and jailed thus making him an ex convict.

“He is a renowned 419ner whose unholy activities in Cote d’voire are still fresh in the minds of discerning Ibeku people, the people of Abia state in particular, and Nigerians in general.

“Maybe, he wants us to remind him about his operational base in Abidjan where he did inglorious jobs in a security firm. He may as well want us to remind him about what he did to his workers who built his plaza at Kaduna Street here in Umuahia, the Abia state capital.

“Can he tell us what really killed the worker that died at his site as well as how he handled that death and circumstances that cropped up later?

 “In fact, a man with so much blood in his hands cannot stand up to speak for Ibeku people.

“This is a man who as traditional Prime Minister, is unable to manage his home, and is still neck-deep into sales of adulterated petroleum products to unsuspecting members of the public, while his son is deep-rooted in drug consumption and questionable character.

“Dr. Udo Ogbonna, former boss at the Abia state Board of Internal Revenue while he served, was very skillful in siphoning the state resources after he was brought back from Lagos by the former governor.

 “He misappropriated and mismanaged Abia resources, and it was because of his diversion of same that he was nearly sacked, save for those who saw the handwriting on the wall, and admonished him to throw in the towel.

“His dubiousness is all around him and, therefore, such people are not supposed to raise either their heads or shoulders high because their records of service are not straight.

“As against the allegations that Prince Apugo is incapable of holding any public office and is oppressive to the poor, he is known to have reached out favourably to members of the larger Ibeku communities, and has left remarkable marks on the sands of time in both manpower and infrastructural development.

“The recent sharing of palliatives to the indigents and underprivileged in the land to cushion the adverse effects of COVID 19, speaks volumes of his good heartedness and magnanimity towards his people as well as his good heart to their yearnings at all times.

“Those who endorsed the said document are indeed, very myopic and are just angry that the people of Ibekuland have woken up from their slumber.

 “What they are looking for now is the next method they will use to deceive us in 2023. They are finding it difficult and that is why they are kicking.

“They are just using the name of Ibeku to enrich themselves, but this time around, we make bold to alert them that their antics won’t work again as Ibeku people are fully awake and cannot be misled any longer.

“None of them has an ancestral background in Ibekuland, and therefore, are irrelevant and cannot discuss nor even defend Ibeku people, as it were.

“The public is therefore, advised to ignore them and their uncoordinated ranting as we have full confidence on the BoT member of the ruling APC; and our own, Prince B. B. Apugo, as well as other well-meaning sons and daughters of this great land.”


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