Why is the “North” huffing and puffing against Buhari now? – By Solomon Musa


     WHEN Southern Kaduna was bleeding the “North” kept quiet;

    When terrorists took over Benue state, the “North” kept Mum;

    When Plateau State cried out, the “North” closed its ears;

    Chibok, Dapchi fell, no single whimper; 

    Southern Kaduna,   Benue, Plateau,  Taraba  are not  parts of  the  “North”, “their North,”

    Now, Northern Elders Forum, Coalition of Northern Youths, several groups in the North, “their North” are huffing and puffing; 

    Clerics are spewing and speaking out “the truth”; 

    Women, Youths and children are protesting because their “North” is at the receiving end;

     Katsina, Zamfara, Birnin Gwari Sokoto – “their North” is bleeding; 

    Chibok and Dapchi girls were not worth the protest by the North, “their North”; 

    Southern Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Taraba are not worth the protests, by the North, “their North”; 

    They are not part of “their North”; 

    Listen to the speeches now;

     Watch the protests now; 

     Pay attention to the anger;

    Southern   Kaduna,   Benue,   Plateau,   Taraba,   Chibok   or   Dapchi   are   not mentioned;

    It is all about the North, “their North” ;

     When we cried out, We expected empathy; 

    We expected the North and the South to cry out with us; 

    We expected all humanity to cry out with us;

    We expected the North and the South to protest with us; 

    We expected the North and the South to join us; 

    The South cried with and joined us;

    When we called on the people to take all available legal means to protect and defend themselves;

    We were called wailers;

    We were vilified;

    We were called names; 

    We were accused of hate speech;

    T. Y. Danjuma was hated;

    SOKAPU was misunderstood; 

    We were threatened;

    We were arrested;

     We were incarcerated;

    Buhari, Buhari, Buhari is the President; 

    All security organs are in the hands of Northerners, “their North”;

    Their North is now bleeding;

    The same bleeding the Middle Belt bled and still bleeds;

     The same bleeding the South-South, South-West and South-East bled and still bleed; 

    And the North is now huffing and puffing;

    Huffing and puffing about the North, “their North”      

    FOR US:

    It is not about North or South; 

    It is not about Christianity or Islam;

    It is not about Atyap, Angas; Hausa, Yoruba or Igbos; 

    It is about the blood that flows; 

    North or South, the blood is flowing;

    Children, women, the aged, the vulnerable, blood is flowing; 

    The blood of the Atyap is precious;

    Armed Bandits

    The blood of the Yoruba is precious;

    The blood of the Muslim is precious;

    The blood of the Christian is precious;

    We   chose   to   cry   out   wherever   men   and   women   are   murdered,   raped, terrorized; 

    We cry out at injustice against Christians and Muslims;

     We chose to cry out; We are crying for the North, yes, “their North”;

     We are crying for the South;

    We are crying for Nigeria;

    We are crying for humanity   


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