Police deny alleged Police, Army clash in Ebonyi- By Reginald Okoro


The Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Ebonyi Command have denied alleged media reports of clash between the force and army officials yesterday in Abakaliki, Ebonyi capital.

A section of the media had reported an alleged clash between the police and soldiers around Udensi roundabout axis of Abakaliki following the impounding of tricycle allegedly belonging to an army personnel for violating traffic control light regulation.

The report alleged that it would have been a day of ‘blood’ in Abakaliki as police and soldiers engaged in a free for all which was however averted following the timely intervention of very senior police personnel from the command .

But, DSP Loveth Odah, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ebonyi Command in an interview with Summitnews correspondent on Friday in Abakaliki described the report as shocking, spurious and misleading.

She said that no time did police officers clash with men of the Nigerian Army but explained that there was a little misunderstanding between a soldier and a traffic warden who contravend a tricycle operator for violating traffic light regulation.

“There was no clash involving our officers and the army; there is no truth in the media report, you people are the problem of this country.

“It was not a clash, it was just a minor misunderstanding. A soldier’s brother or friend’s tricycle was contravened for allegedly violating the traffic light at the Udensi roundabout by a traffic warden on duty.

“The suspect called the soldier who came and demanded to know why the tricycle was impounded by the official.

“This led to a minor misunderstanding due to argument which ensued between the soldier and the traffic wardens.

“The officer-in-charge of the State Anti-Robbery Squard (SARS) who was passing by and witnessed the incident, had to stop and settle the problem there and then.

“The Acting Commissioner of Police did not go there neither did the Conton Commander of the Nkwegu Military Cantonment visited the scene.

“There was nothing like police/soldiers clash in Abakaliki, it was just a mere misunderstanding between the traffic warden who is not even a regular police and one military personnel who came to enquire why the tricycle was contravened and impounded.

“Traffic wardens do not bear arms but only use batons to control traffic; so, why would a soldier cock a gun at a non arm-bearing traffic control official.

“The public should discountance the report; because at no time did police clash with any soldiers in Ebonyi,” Odah said.

She said that the force would continue to collaborate with the military and other sister security agencies in the state in the fight to keep the state safe from criminals and criminal activities.


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