Man who ‘concealed travel history to Kano’ dies of COVID-19 in Kaduna


The Kaduna state government says it has recorded its first COVID-19 death.

Amina Mohammed-Baloni, commissioner of health in the state, said the patient was one of the three cases that were confirmed on Thursday.

She said the patient was a retired civil servant who had underlying health issues and also concealed his “recent” travel history to Kano state.

She said he died before his test result came back positive.

She said one of the confirmed cases also include a health worker who is not involved in the treatment of COVID-19 infections.

Mohammed-Baloni said as of Friday, the state has 28 active COVID-19 cases and awaiting receipt of more results from the 350 tests it has conducted.

“Testing of 167 almajiris from Kano has been completed, and the number of positive cases from this group may rise beyond the 21 recorded before we completed testing this category of persons,” she said.

“The three patients that increased the number from 25 to 28 cases include two males and the first female Covid-19 case in the state. The female patient is a health worker who is not involved in the treatment of COVID-19 cases.

“One of the two males was a retired civil servant male with underlying medical conditions, who concealed his recent travel to Kano when he visited a public hospital and a private hospital in Kaduna State

“He died before his positive test result was released. He is the first COVID-19 fatality in Kaduna State. His family has been informed of his demise and he has since been buried according to the burial protocol of the NCDC.

“Following this development, state health officials are decontaminating the two hospitals that the deceased visited. Staff who attended to him have been isolated, as have his family members.”

She appealed to citizens who suspect that they have been exposed to COVID-19 to follow the safety protocol of isolating themselves at home while contacting health officials.

“Concealing relevant information and engaging in conduct that exposes others to the risk of infection is a danger to the community and the well-being and lives of other citizens. Such conduct contravenes the provisions of the Quarantine Orders and could lead to prosecution,” she said.

“Keeping safe from this pandemic is the personal responsibility of every citizen. All of us must take steps to protect ourselves and our households from COVID-19.”


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