COVID-19 Lockdown’ll cripple economy, lead to revolution warns Ohanaeze youths


Ohanaeze Youth Council,( OYC) has warned that the national lockdown over coronavirus if not lifted immediately, would cripple the Nigerian economy and lead to a revolution.

OYC advised both state and federal governments to immediately reverse the extension of the lockdown considering its devastating effect on the economy and the masses.

The Igbo youths body in a statement by its National President, Comrade Igboayaka. O Igboayaka; and the Acting National Publicity Secretary, Anthony Chukwu, made available to SummitNews, faulted the extension, describing it as “starvation of poor Nigerians in disguise.”

OYC asked government to brace up for a show-down with the poor masses and “expect an uprising and mass resistance if they continue to compel people into lockdown without reasonable palliatives measures.”

The statement read in part :”This is a paradox of what we see in other parts of the world where their Leaders are doing all they can to provide a reasonable welfare package for the masses at this pandemic time, but unfortunately we have rulers that lack empathy.”

OYC said that it had received complaints from the poor masses stating that “hunger is what they are experiencing, because their means of livelihood have been truncated as a result of lockdown since 21 days.”

“As the lockdown continues without a reasonable palliative, it has got to the point that hungry masses are seeing coronavirus as a lesser evil to hunger and they will begin to defy the lockdown order.

“We also demand to know how the monies donated were used since people are complaining of hunger especially in the Eastern Nigeria.”

OYC further warned against extortions and extr- judicial killings in the South-East since the commencement of the lockdown, and gave 72 hour ultimatum to security agencies to halt it or get ready for the wrath of the masses.

“It is also unfortunate that at this hard time of Nigerians the police, Army, Civil Defense and Immigration have turned the various road blocks to “extortion junction” were they collect N500 to N1000 naira from private vehicles while commercial vehicles pay N100 to N200 naira.

“This act of extorting the masses is high in Imo state; all the road blocks mounted in Owerri by uniform men is now a toll-gate were they extort people at gun point.

“ We therefore, demand that Nigeria security agencies must quit from this stinking bribery, extortion and corruption or face mass action against them by Igbo youths if the extortion continues after 72 hours.

“For the interest of peace we demand an end to this lockdown and the politics that follows it, or it will cripple the economy of Nigeria.”


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