Lockdown: Ifedi Okwenna set to distribute food items to Ndi Anambra – By Chukwudi Ejimofor


Dr. Okwedi: Passionate to save lives

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, a frontline governorship aspirant in Anambra state, Dr. Ifedi Okwenna has set up a COVID-19 Hunger Reduction Project (HRP), to assist the less privileged cope with hunger and other socio-economic problems during the period of the lockdown.

In a statement at the weekend, Dr. Okwenna explained that the initiative “is aimed at flooding Anambra state with foodstuff during this Global Healthy Emergency period caused by COVID-19 pandemic, a non-partisan food intervention initiative.

“It is founded in the real sense of Igbo philosophy of “Onyeaghala Nwanneya,” the Ugwumba Osumenyi stated.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship hopeful in the forthcoming 2021 Anambra state gubernatorial election, noted further that “in the coming days/weeks there will be food crisis caused by the current long stay at home.”

He said that “our people are mainly in the informal sector who make their daily bread by going out every morning. With this restriction that opportunity is lost.

“Without any meaningful stimulus plan by Government, the result as expected is Hunger, Hunger and the gradual compromise in the security situation in ground zero.

“As a compassionate person I can’t therefore kept quiet in the face of this challenge to my people. This is why am initiating this project,” he stressed.

In inviting “my friends” to be part of the Coordinating Team, he explained that the team is expected to, amongst others, “identify how the required food items shall be obtained effortlessly; the most effective method to have the food items get to the people who actually need it”.

Dr. Okwenna maintained that there are several indigent citizens that need to be catered for, and appealed to his friends to join in the quest to salvage people whose life are on the brink due to the pandemic.


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