Police arrest suicide bomber at Winners Chapel, Kaduna


 IGP Adamu

Amid widespread terrorist attacks across the country, especially in the North-East axis, the police in Kaduna, on Sunday, February 2, averted what could have turned out to be a tragedy of monumental dimension following the arrest of an alleged suicide bomber at the Winners Chapel building in the city,

 Eyewitnesses at the church revealed that the suspect, whose identity is yet to be made known, was caught with Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in one of the toilets when he was detected by CCTV and exposed.


 It was also disclosed that this is not the first time the suspect is coming to the church premises in the guise of being a member of the parish.

 Eyewitnesses claim that the suspect has been at the church premises more than once.

 This incident was confirmed by the chief security officer of the parish, Ekpenyong Edet,  


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