Gov. Obiano: Bringing enduring socio-economic development to “Light of the Nation.”

The present day Anambra state was carved out from the old Anambra state in 1991, with Awka as capital.  Onitsha, Nnewi and Ekwulobia are the biggest commercial and industrial cities in the state which bears the memorable appellation of “Light of The Nation.”.

The indigenous ethnic groups in Anambra state are the Igbo (98% of population), and a small population of Igala (2% of the population) who live mainly in the north-western part of the state. 

Anambra is the eighth most populated state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the second most densely populated state in Nigeria after Lagos State.

The stretch of more than 45 km between Oba and Amorka contains a cluster of numerous thickly populated villages and small towns giving the area an estimated average density of 1,500–2,000 persons per square kilometre.

The state has in the last fourteen years been controlled by the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), with Chief Willie Obiano, a banker of international repute as governor.

With an annual population growth rate of 2.21 percent per annum, Anambra state has over 60% of its people living in urban areas making it one of the most urbanized places in Nigeria.

Map of Anambra state showing the 21 Local Government Areas

The major urban centres of Anambra state are Onitsha including Okpoko, Nnewi, and Awka. Awka and Onitsha developed as pre-colonial urban centres with Awka as the craft industrial centre of the Nri hegemony; and Onitsha the city state on the Niger and a river port and commercial centre.

Onitsha is a fast-growing commercial city, and has developed to become a huge conurbation extending to Idemili, Oyi and Anambra East LGAs with one of the largest markets in West Africa.

Nnewi (the Taiwan of Nigeria) is a rapidly developing industrial and commercial centre; and Awka, by becoming the state capital is, as it were, regaining its pre-colonial administrative eminence.


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